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Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO


Virtual CFO or Virtual Chief Financial Officer is an expert who provides outsourced financial services for planning and management of the business finances. A virtual CFO can be a single person or maybe a team of financial experts that provides financial service. These services are beneficial for every field whether startup, MSME, or a large corporate.

The benefits you will gain by Outsourcing to Onfiling:

  • Save Cost
  • Manage Your Seasonal Needs
  • Get Access to Skilled Expertise
  • Efficiency & Productivity
  • Better Operational Management & Control
  • Part-Time & Full-Time Staffing flexibility
  • Access to Certified Experts
  • Focus on Your Core Areas
  • Faster Better Services

Benefits of Virtual CFO

  • The role played by the Virtual CFO is fundraising and management, MIS reporting and accounting, payroll accounting and management.
  • Under the guidance of Virtual CFO, a company can stay compliant with all legal and financial laws.
  • Virtual CFO also helps in Auditing & reporting.
  • Helps in stabilizing a struggling company
  • CFO may provide insight during mergers and acquisitions

Advantages of hiring Virtual CFO

  • Virtual CFO is less expensive as compared to a full time CFO. If a company is having Virtual CFO then business don’t need to worry about retention, bonuses, employee appraisal etc.
  • Experienced Virtual CFO professionals provide help in business for raising funds, business expansion and referrals in the long run.
  • Timely reporting in adoption of fixed business format of business reports and bookkeeping.
  • Through Virtual CFO your business have better management in budget operations and forecasting the challenges to be faced in future.
  • Virtual CFO provides services according to the latest technology development so that it should remain transparent and n accountable manner.


Virtual CFO cannot advice on topics like tax structuring, debt and capital structuring etc.
Virtual CFO provides various services such as meetings with banks and investors, forecasting, managing bank relations and many more.
A Virtual CFO or Virtual Chief Financial officer is an outsourced accounting service provider. These services are related to planning and management of business finances.
Virtual CFOs are professional service provider in financial management and accountant is to assist company in financial management and strategic planning.
When you think that your company is growing day by day, and you need good insights of company’s financial performance. You are facing cash flow management issues.

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