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Legal Drafting

Legal Drafting


Why legal drafting is important ?

Drafting is essential element of legal procedure. Without proper drafting of documents you cannot express your views in writing. As stated by Douglas Stoltz, legal drafting is the composition of legal instruments such as contracts, deeds, wills and legislation. The way legal provisions are expressed, whether in a contract between two individuals or in a statute that applies to everybody can have serious consequences.

Onfiling provides legal drafting services as per your requirement namely
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Trust deed
  • Will
  • Different Legal Formats
  • Draft for Society NGO
  • Lease Deed
  • Resignation letter
  • Name change documents
Onfiling like to recommend you some of the tips to draft good documents:
  • Searching of good samples or forms
  • Check specific formatting rules
  • Maintaining of font and margins
  • Creating your headings and subheadings
  • Finalise your document
  • Using clear and concise language
  • Don’t use repetitive words and phrases


List of Documents

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