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HR Documents

HR Documents


HR Documents

Onfiling is the accurate platform to easily access the various documents related to HR. It is very easy to have a glance on the number of documents namely:

Employment Contract

It is one of the important written proof of the professional relationship between an employer and an employee. Onfiling provide you varieties of employment contract according to your business requirement.

Offer letter

Onfiling provides samples of offer letters which give insights that what should be included in your Job offer letter such as job description, reporting structure, job title, acknowledgement of offer, salary, starting date etc.

Performance Appraisal documents

Performance appraisal documents helps in reviewing the growth and development of employee as well as the organization. Because it is necessary to have feedback exercise in an organization for smooth functioning of management. Onfiling provides Performance Improvement plan, performance warning letter, performance improvement letter etc.

Employee Handbook

Employee handbook includes all the procedures, authorities and policies of the organization. It is an important HR document as it contains details of administrative procedures.

Employee compensation documents

Onfiling provides salary structure, bonus calculations, TDS calculations, Salary slips, ITR declaration etc. under employee compensation documents.

Statutory documents

It is mandatory for a business to comply with the statutory requirements. It is important to maintain PF, ESIC, Payment of Gratuity act, professional tax, Statutory Forms, various rules for statutory deductions and exemptions etc.

Employee management and recordkeeping

Onfiling helps your organization for completing all documentation of employees. HR has to keep records and reports of the employee throughout their time in the organization. We provide Employee master file, Admin Manual, Stationery request template, warning Notice for Behaviour issues, performance issues, post probation increment certificate etc.

Exit process

It is necessary to complete leaving formalities, exit interview, clearance form, full and final settlement in case an employee is leaving company due to any reasons. Onfiling provide all documents related to exit process also.


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